The AMI-Elementary Alumni Association is a non-profit grassroots organization of AMI-trained elementary teachers. Our aim is to support the expansion of AMI Montessori elementary education to more children around the world by supporting all those in AMI who are working in the elementary: classroom teachers, trainers, trainees, consultants and more. Our work is a growing worldwide effort carried out in public, charter, and private schools. AMI elementary communities can be found across the world in the most conflicted and destitute regions as well as the most privileged. We support the development of children and the progress of humanity.

AMI-EAA provides the best in continuing education and forums for on-going dialogue and mutual support for and from one another. In this way, both new and experienced teachers deepen their understanding and enrich their practice of the art of Montessori education as envisioned and sustained by Dr. Maria Montessori through AMI, the organization she founded for that purpose in 1929.

The roots of AMI-EAA lie in the informal networks that formed between graduates of AMI elementary courses given in the USA in late 1960’s and early 1970’s. As numbers grew and elementary practice matured, so did the need for a more formal and regular means of support and continuing education. AMI-EAA was incorporated in 1980 as a non-profit educational organization, and our work has continued to mature and expand through the dedicated efforts of our members and their AMI trainers.

Although headquartered in the USA, AMI-EAA is today an organization with a growing international membership. We are recognized by AMI as an Affiliated Society and work closely with AMI, AMI/USA, the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association (NAMTA), the Montessori Administrators Association, AMI elementary training centers around the world, and other worldwide affiliates of AMI.

AMI elementary teachers are a dynamic constituency within the larger Montessori community. A special esprit de corps exists among our members, who develop lasting friendships based on a shared understanding of Montessori practice by virtue of our AMI training . From our membership, a volunteer Board of Directors is elected every two years. We are privileged to have AMI elementary trainers as our pedagogical advisors.

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