From the beginning, our members told stories to one another to share information.  We built our community based on the traditions handed down to us.  At the 2014 AMI-EAA Summer Conference, an annual gathering started by our founding members, Chris Trostel shared with us the concept of 'lines of desire'.  Lines of desire are trails blazed by humans and animals that do not follow the prescribed pathways, rather they are new trails to reach desired destinations.  Bears and deer follow lines of desire from generation to generation through the forest.  Like our founding members, we come together to share with and learn from one another.  As in our classroom communities, we know that story telling is a way to transmit information from speaker to listener in a way that touches our hearts.

Below is a link to EAA's organization's history, written by former chair, Phoebe Allen.

Elementary Alumni Association History 

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