We look forward to hearing from you!

Chair, Melinda Nielsen

Contact for EAA Policies, organization history and information, interface with Amsterdam and affiliates (AMI-USA, NAMTA, MAA, etc.).

Vice Chair/Treasurer, Rachel Kimboko

Contact for information about fees, budgets, financial reports, legal and regulatory issues.

Conference Coordinator, Emily Curry

Contact for Refresher Course, Summer Conference registration, proposals, schedules, evaluations, suggestions.

Publications/Communications, Becca Peters

Contact for advertising, website issues, newsletter submissions and requests, university credit for conferences.

Secretary/Membership, Ginger Kleiber

Contact for membership questions, EAA-talk, archives, membership directory.

Outreach Coordinator, Regina Sokolowski

Contact if you are in elementary training or a recent graduate, for volunteer opportunities, support at conferences, and want to share your zeal for EAA with others.

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