School Name: Wheaton Montessori School

Start Date: 08/01/2022

Wheaton Montessori School is seeking an experienced language arts / humanities educator to join our Adolescent Program team. The primary role of the language and humanities specialist is developing and overseeing reading and writing assignments for students in 7th – 9th grade (ages 12 – 15).

Responsibilities of the Language & Humanities Specialist include:
• Facilitating language arts / humanities lessons and work for a small, mixed age class, including research projects, MLA formatting, creative writing, reading and analyzing literature, and grammar and punctuation rules
• Engaging with various other aspects of the Adolescent Program curriculum, including the lunch program, physical and creative expression, animal husbandry, gardening, and systems of production and exchange
• Taking trips off-campus, including driving students to local errands and activities as well as attending days-long camping and “big” trips outside of the Chicagoland area
• Working with the Adolescent Program Director to identify interdisciplinary learning objectives
• Participating in maintenance of the environment, including general upkeep of the physical space as well as fostering an appropriate learning environment where students feel comfortable engaging in the social work of adolescence
• Attending biannual student-led conferences and composing year-end reports

• Experience in teaching language arts and/or humanities at the middle and/or high school level
• Aptitude for curriculum development
• Strength in writing and literature and a passion to share these strengths with adolescents through side-by-side work
• Open-mindedness and ability to work collaboratively with Adolescent Program Director to foster interdisciplinary work opportunities for students
• Willingness to learn about the Montessori method, if not already familiar
• Fluency in and ability to teach a foreign language is a plus
• Master’s Degree is a plus (Bachelor’s Degree required)

Please send resume and cover letter to Kelly Jonelis at

About us:
Wheaton Montessori School was founded in 2000. Since then, the school and its campus have grown to serve 200 students, ages 2 through 15, and their families. The Adolescent Program was started in 2014 on a foundation of authentic education for life as described by Maria Montessori. The program is committed to fostering adolescent growth and development through immersion into adult society.

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Contact Phone: (630) 653-5100

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