School Name: Isthmus Montessori Academy Public

Start Date: 08/01/2022

Lead Guide

AMI Montessori trained for a specific program level or becoming trained
Current or willing to obtain requirements such as CPR/AED Training and Mandated Reporter Training and other staff file requirements related to DCF, DPI, NAC, AMI, and OEO
Current or willing to obtain Department of Public Instruction requirements associated with valid teaching license, if applicable
Early Education Coursebooks to receive necessary training, if applicable
Registry Certificate of 7 or higher
Possess an attitude that reflects a belief in the philosophy of the IMA organization
Physically capable to work with children on the floor, stairs, and playground, as well as to lift materials, classroom furniture, and clean
A strong understanding of Education, child development, and positive classroom management techniques

Daily Expectations:
Approach each day, child, presentation, and adult with love and understanding
Strive to create peace within the classroom and within the entire school community
Embrace life-long learning experiences and be open to communication
Speak respectfully and purposefully to children, peers, and administrators
Adhere to all AMI Montessori policies and philosophies
Adhere to all WI state licensing regulations
Consistently arrive to work in a timely fashion
Consistently communicate regarding work and children with supervisors and staff in a professional manner
Model a healthy, positive, and inspirational attitude and energy for Montessori work, presentations, and all interactions with staff, children, parents, and professionals of IMA(P)
Encourage a strong sense of community within the classroom, the school, and the neighborhood
Be physically, mentally, and emotionally present with children, staff, and families at all times and adhere to policies and procedures regarding screen usage, positive communication, and classroom engagement
Use careful observation and caring interactions with children, Montessori teachers and staff must first believe in each child and guide each child to reach his/her full potential by supporting the planes of development, human tendencies, and sensitive periods
Supervise daily activities for the indoor and outdoor environments
Maintain classroom and workspace in a clean, orderly, and safe fashion
Assist in daily operations of school (answer phones, take out garbage and recycling, collect mail, send mail, etc. as may be necessary)
Continue to work towards anti-bias, anti-racist, and whole-person education
Communicate daily with the Heads of School

Job Description:
Maintain daily lesson plans and observations of students
Complete students assessments, conference reports, progress reports, portfolio, and all student file requirements as required throughout the year
Attend Lead Guide and Program Level meetings
Communicate daily with families of students
Responsible for signing in and out students each day. In the event of absence, the Supporting Educator oversees attendance and checking in and out with families.

Supervised by: Heads of School

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (608) 661-8200

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