School Name: The Post Oak School

Location: Houston, Texas

Employment Type: Full-Time

Start Date: 07/01/2023


Position Title: Middle School Teacher
FLSA Classification: Exempt, academic-year (10-month) position
Reports To: Middle School Director
Hours: 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

The Post Oak School is seeking a passionate and innovative Middle School teacher who is proficient in ELA instruction and is prepared to support the acquisition of both ELA and Social Studies content through a Humanities framework. In our mixed-age setting, teachers mentor and coach students in an environment fostering independence and self-direction. Post Oak teachers create curriculum as they work directly within the community and understand the interests and needs of their students. We are deeply committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) and are particularly interested in applicants who:
• come from diverse backgrounds
• can participate within a diverse community of faculty and staff
• can contribute to the development of a culturally responsive and culturally sustaining curriculum
• can support a diverse body of students
We are looking for faculty members who are willing to share their experience with students, teach elective
courses, travel, and lead extra-curricular activities aligned with their personal interests.
The Middle School teacher is a full-time position responsible for curriculum development and teaching through
a project-based format in Middle School for grades 7 and 8. This role includes:
• Serve as a learning coach and mentor for 7–10 students
• Model a positive regard for adolescents, their work, and their personal dignity
• Support students through goal-setting, the creation and implementation of their own learning plans, and ongoing reflection
• Build and cultivate positive and strong relationships with students’ families
Content Expert and Curriculum Developer
• Design and create a classroom environment where all students feel seen, welcome, and appreciated
• Collaborate with all Middle School colleagues to plan and implement a thematic, interdisciplinary curriculum that prioritizes an active learning experience where students can develop key skills rather than just breadth of content
• Teach content-specific lessons • Co-plan and co-teach with colleagues as necessary
• Differentiate lessons and tasks to support and challenge a diverse range of skills and knowledge

Reflective Practitioner
• Actively engage in ongoing professional development
• Demonstrate a growth mindset concerning new strategies and the consideration of feedback from
students, colleagues, and administration
• Regularly analyze and adjust curriculum based on community needs and student and colleague feedback
• Regularly reflect on the impact that our biases may be having on students and their experiences

• Work with adolescent Montessori students in small classes
• Embrace a student-directed classroom where adults and adolescents work side-by-side
• Work with colleagues closely and actively pursue opportunities for interdisciplinary integration of
knowledge for their students (this often requires working outside of one’s primary subject area)

• Collaborate with all Middle School colleagues to plan and implement thematically aligned travel experiences • Travel with the Middle School community for our:
o Team Building Trip
o Two Humanities aligned Trips
o Two Land/Coastal Trips
o End of the Year Retreat

Experience with and enthusiasm for participating in curricular travel opportunities and teaching outside of ELA and Social Studies is a plus.
• Demonstrated support of and commitment to the principles and goals of Montessori education
• Desire to collaborate, co-plan, and co-teach
• Ability to respond positively to coaching and feedback
• Openness towards innovation in instructional strategies, alternative assessment methods, and
cooperative learning
• Demonstrated commitment to the capacities and potential of all teenagers to succeed as productive
members of their communities
• Willingness to enroll in a program to engage in deep training and earn a Montessori diploma
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required; Master’s degree preferred
Montessori experience or expertise is not required, but applicants should be motivated by The Post Oak School’s mission to honor and guide lifelong learners as they create their own bold pathways in leading purposeful lives.

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