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What we do at a Summer Conference:

Since 1970, we gathered and gone on archeological digs, whale watching, woven, knit, painted and done all manner of hand-work. We have trekked in rain forests, held our collective breath and gone white water rafting. We have created hand-crafted books, told and listened to stories, learned botanical drawing, studied Shakespeare, First Nations people, and had historical dinner parties. We’ve engineered and worked in physics, glacial geology, math, sacred geometry, human development, economic geography, and desert ecology. We have climbed, dug, paddled, swum, written poetry, collected, danced, sung, laughed, observed, and sought serenity.

Our field experiences enhance our love and understanding of the world in which we live while strengthening our relationships among each other and giving us valuable insights into our work.

Attendance at our conferences continues to break records each year. Connect with us to find out what the fun and learning is all about!           

Join us because…

  • Our annual Summer Conference provides opportunities for growth, fun and relaxation in a week-long, intimate workshop setting centering on a theme. Peers and elementary trainers share expertise in the practical aspects of teaching, bringing a deeper comprehension of Cosmic Education, the materials we use, and the children we nurture.
  • Locations are thoughtfully chosen and affordable, generally in a rustic, retreat setting for connecting with the natural world and our colleagues. Time for music, artistic expression, “Going Out,” field experiences, and fellowship are always included. Participants are welcome to bring their families.
  • Sharing sessions for all classroom levels provide time to discuss classroom challenges and successes, and exchange helpful hints.
  • Reviews of topics, classroom extensions, and resources from each conference are shared in our member newsletter.
  • Continuing education hours and university credit is available.

Where do we Go Out?

Recent Summer Conferences have found EAA members at the Grand Tetons, in Maine, in Alaska, the Grand Canyon & Flagstaff, Sausalito, North Carolina in the Appalachians, and the UP of Michigan.

How you make our conferences great!

• Register for a summer conference.

• Come along with a fellow EAA member, with your family, or by yourself.

• Suggest conference locations.

• Volunteer to be an on-site coordinator.

• Submit a proposal for a presentation: Summer Conference Proposal Form     

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