Elementary Refresher Course 2024, Dallas, TX
Presented by: Phyllis Pottish-Lewis
The Hows and Whys and Don’ts
Phyllis shares, "We have no doubt that Cosmic Education works, but it is no mean feat to apply it properly. To succeed at it requires staying true to the formula that Dr. Montessori laid out before us to assist the elementary child with his human construction. In this Refresher Course, I delineate the steps we need to take and the missteps we need to avoid lest we inadvertently subvert our objectives. Please join me while we revisit the architecture of our mission."
Registration link: https://ami.c3groups.com

This AMI-certified course re-engages trained guides with specific aspects of the Montessori elementary curriculum, renewing our enthusiasm, and further developing our skills. It is comprised of lectures, practicals, and discussions and is lead by AMI elementary teacher-trainers and lecturers.

The Refresher attracts the largest annual contingent AMI-trained elementary, primary, adolescent, and infant teachers in North America. Special sections are available for classroom assistants, parents, and administrators.

The course is held in a large hotel and accessible city. It generally alternates between west and east coasts, and the middle region of the USA.

 Membership in both AMI and AMI-EAA is required.

Continuing education hours and university credit is available to participants.


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